By Train

From Nagoya Airport
Please use Nagoya Airport Bus Service Nagoya Airport Terminal Building HP>>>

●City Bus / Kotsu ,City of Nagoya HP>>>
Key Route 1Sakae←→Kasadera Station (Kasadera Station) Now get off
Key Route 1Sakae←→Hoshizaki or Naruo-shako (Minami-kuyakusho) 10 minutes to get off
Kanayama18Kanayama←→Kaname-cho (Minami-kuyakusho) 10 minutes to get off
Jingu12Jingu-higashimon←→Naruo-shako (Kitagashira) 5 minutes to get off
Jingu16Jingu-higashimon←→Jingu-higashimon or Kasadera Station (NIPPONGAISHI SPORTS PLAZA) Now get off
Aratama14Aratamabashi←→Wild Flower Garden (NIPPONGAISHI SPORTS PLAZA) Now get off
Aratama13Aratamabashi←→Aratamabashi right loop (Kasadera Station) Now get off
Aratama13Aratamabashi←→Aratamabashi left loop (NIPPONGAISHI SPORTS PLAZA) Now get off

By Car

From Sizuoka ,Tokyo(Via Tomei ,Mei-Nikan ,Nagoya Expressway) Tomei Expressway
From Sizuoka ,Tokyo(Via Tomei ,Isewangan Expressway) Tomei Expressway Isewangan Expressway
From Maibara ,Kyoto(Via Meishin , Nagoya Expressway) Meishin Expressway Nagoya Expressway
From Mie(Via Higashi-Meihan , Nagoya Expressway) Higashi-Meihan Nagoya Expressway
From Mie(Via Isewangan Expressway) Isewangan Expressway
At the time of large-scale events such as concerts, you may or may not include parking is FULL, wait for a long time.
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